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I’m just a platano tryna make it in a world full of bananas.

Anonymous Asked: Ok this will be my last message as anonymous I promise lol I am just a bit shy and you are absolutely gorgeous. It nice to be able to talk such beautiful woman. I'll tell u a little about myself I'm am Dominican I am 28 from Yonkers Is there anything you would like to know? Lol I will answer it in my next message and y will see who I am lol

Ahhh de lo miooooo!
That’s cool though,
I got fam in Yonkerss..

Being silly

"Man, she like "fuck the small talk"
I’m not here to discuss extra credits or my professors,
No time for funny stories..
It’s funny how she shows up late, but always comes before me.
We both young and misguided, but that’s another story..”

I don’t practice santería, I don’t got no crystal ball…